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Tap into your own intuitive wisdom through this groundbreaking book which charts the way to change your relationship with yourself and the world around you. This book provides an easy way of selecting just the right reading that guides you to thoughts and action in alignment to your true desires.

Today’s hurried lifestyles add unproductive stress and trust in society is declining raising unnamed fears. Our conscious mind struggles to make sense of it all. Yet, within us is a reservoir of natural wisdom which only requires that we step back for a moment each day and listen to that, oh so quiet, voice within.

Author Bryan Walton addresses this need in this remarkable collection of spiritual insights reflecting a wide range of topics, each with a separate life theme. A book to be experienced when desired, when inspired, when required. The gentle wisdom in the pages of Dancing in the Mirror can make a profound difference in maintaining a positive attitude regardless of circumstances.

Clicking on the Contents tab allows you to powerfully experience samples of the book interactively:

Dancing in the Mirror will show you:

  • Principles for fulfillment in your life

  • Ways to let go of the past

  • Encouragement to positive action

  • Alternatives to judgement

  • Resolution from conflict to peace

  • Guidance on being fully present

  • Letting go of attachments

  • Validation of your true self

  • Reinforcement of the healing power of love


“The metaphors in this work are stunning. I have been in posses- sion of this beautiful and intellectual work of art for quite a few months.  Many of the deep spiritual truths can only be worked into your life over time.

Rebecca Johnson

The Rebecca Review


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