On Healing the Past

The Story:

One night years ago when I was taking a walk around my neighbourhood, a car stopped beside me. The driver was lost and asked me for directions to a local street which was difficult to get to from where we were.  The driver had a map on his lap and we were right next to a street light, so I suggested using the map to guide him. I showed him where we were on the map and was about to point out the location of the street he was looking for.

Then I noticed something strange. Some of the road names were not right. My own road was correct, but the intersecting road had a totally different name, as did others. Kirkland Boulevard was a major road through the area, yet the map showed it with the name Saint Boniface Boulevard? Although puzzled, I figured that they had an old map and gave them directions to get them on their way. The next day I phoned the town offices and asked if Kirkland Boulevard had ever had a different name. They told me that it hadn’t and was that original name forty years ago.

Was this experience of mine a bleed through from another reality, or a bizarre hallucination?

Supporting Theories:

Mainstream quantum science has accepted the theory of infinite parallel universes as valid. Physicist Stephen Hawking and Thomas Hertog have proposed a radical new approach which suggests the universe did not have just one unique beginning and history but a multitude of different ones, and that it has experienced them all simultaneously!! As Thomas Hertog states, “Quantum mechanics forbids a single history"

And physicist Michio Kaku adds:

“So by going back in time and altering the past, we merely create a parallel universe. …In this way, the river of time forks into two separate rivers.”

To date, quantum mathematics claims that there would be no interaction between these different universes. However, the anecdotal evidence of people experiencing other realities is overwhelming, and some interesting examples can be found on the unexplained mysteries website. Déjà vu would be another example of this phenomenon.

While parallel universes may be a fascinating curiosity for scientists, the notion of changing the past has very practical applications for the relief of stress and illness.

Healing the Past:

One of the most intriguing books on parapsychology expanding on these theories came out in 1974. It was titled: 'The Nature of Personal Reality – A Seth Book', and a compelling paragraph which summarizes the concept is:

“When you alter your beliefs today you also reprogram your past. As far as you are concerned that present is your point of action, focus, and power, and from that point of volition you form both your future and past. Realising this, you will understand that you are not at the mercy of the past over which you have no control.”

The book includes specific references to healing. A particularly relevant example is:

“In some cases of healing, in the spontaneous disappearance of cancer, for instance, or of any other disease, certain alterations are made that affects a cellular memory, genetic codes, or neuronal patterns in the past.”

In everyday terms, the effect might be to shift beliefs about a stressful history for example. This may results in elimination of emotional intensity surrounding a memory of a past disaster, rather than a different memory.

Practical Applications:

There is evidence that cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) is effective in helping people let go of unsupportive beliefs. In an experiment in 2002 led by Dr. Mayberg at the University of Toronto, all the patients' stress and depression lifted. Various forms of meditation have produced similar results.

Bryan Walton